Eaglesoft Mobile
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imaging overview

Eaglesoft Mobile, a feature of Eaglesoft 17 or greater, enables you to view your schedule, patient accounts, medical history, prescription history, proposed treatment and clinical images. You can also assign tasks from your smart phone or tablet.

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Use of this product requires a valid installation of Eaglesoft version 17.00 or greater including the Eaglesoft SDK. The Eaglesoft SDK is an add-on installation available for download. The Eaglesoft SDK should be downloaded and installed to a dedicated machine after you have completed the registration process including your account settings.

Download SDK for Eaglesoft v18-19.10

Download SDK for Eaglesoft v20 and above

If you are utilizing Eaglesoft 20, please click the Download SDK for Eaglesoft v20 or greater button.

Eaglesoft Mobile is a new feature available to our Service Club members at no additional cost.
To Sign Up for Service Club, contact The Patterson Technology Center at 1-800-294-8504.